Celebration Hearts Retailer Support

Retail Display

The display is designed to attract consumer’s attention by showcasing the perfect pattern of eight hearts and eight arrows. We have embossed this on the display so that it is easily visible and eye catching. Once a customer is intrigued by the unique hearts and arrows pattern, you can then show them the loose diamond placed on the removable base by using the ero-scope which comes with the display.


The Viewing Scope

The scope is extremely easy to use. Simply place directly over the ring (while the ring is placed inside the inscription loupe or even if it is on someone’s finger) to see the pattern of arrows inside the mounted diamond. Now your customers can show off their beautiful diamonds to all their friends.
























Custom Advertising Material

At Celebration Hearts, we provide our retailers with all advertising materials including campaign posters that can be customized with retailers preferred copy, pricing and even translated into other languages.


Gift Box & Bag

Customers receive gift boxes with every purchase that hold the Certificate of Authenticity and the Celebration Hearts jewelry box.
All of the materials the customer will receive will be provided in a Celebration Hearts matte laminated gift bag that also contains the Celebration Hearts brochure showcasing our beautiful products.
The elegant gift box and bag providing the final touch to our diamond’s presentation. The faux leather gift box is red in color and houses the exceptional Celebrations Hearts jewelry box. 

Certificate Of Authenticity: Celebration Hearts presents a Quality Certificate with each and every purchase. The Certificate  is beautifully bound in a two-fold leather case. The certificate is provided by the EGL U.S.A for our North American customers and DGLA for our South American customers. It states the jewelry’s unique certificate number as well as its quality, Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight.

Quality Assurance and Guarantee: Celebration Hearts offers “peace-of-mind” to our customers. We offer the assurance that our diamonds are natural, conflict-free, state-of-the-art, hand-crafted, and backed by a lifetime warranty.


Jewelry Box

Inside the gift box is the exceptional Celebration Hearts Jewelry Box, which has two layers. The outer layer contains a Celebration Hearts Jewelry product on a pillow as well as a tab to access the inner layer.

The inner layer contains the loupe and viewing scope, the cleaning cloth, and the customer booklet that holds the Loupe and viewing scope, the cleaning cloth, and the customer booklet.

Customer Booklet: Welcomes the customer to the Celebration Hearts brand and demonstrates how to use the loupe and viewing scope as well as take care of the product. Loupe & Viewing Scope - For the customer to see and show their friends the diamond’s unique identification number as well as the Cupid’s Arrows™ pattern at the customer’s leisure.

Cleaning Cloth: For the customer to easily clean, maintain, and polish their Celebration Hearts jewelry.

The Loupe: This handy device is perfect for showing the inscription on the girdle. The diamond ring can be slipped into the slot in the pad on top. The Aluminum ring can be turned until the inscription is centered and seen through the loupe. The arm on the left, the loupe, can be pressed in or out, allowing for perfect focus on the inscription.


Want to be a Celebration Hearts Distributor?

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