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5 Ring Size Measuring Tips

Measuring your finger may sound like a simple task, however, there are many different things that can go wrong! To save you the trouble of having a ring stuck on your finger or even damaging the ring itself, here are our top 5 ring sizing pro-tips! 

  1. Make sure that the ring slider (whether that be paper or plastic) will also fit over your knuckle. If you have thin fingers, but larger knuckles, you may need to order order up!
  1. Believe it or not, temperature can actually affect ring sizing. In the cold, your finger will actually be smaller and if you’re warm your finger will always be larger. This may not seem like too big of a change, but it can be the difference between a well-fitted ring and an uncomfortable tight squeeze. Be sure to accommodate for these changes when getting your ring fitted. 
  1. The same finger may be bigger or smaller depending on which finger you are measuring. An example of this could be if your ring finger on your right hand is a 6.5, while the finger on your left hand may be a 6. For most people, your dominant hand is slightly larger.
  1. Diet can play a large role in the size of your ring. When you eat salty foods, your body will retain water. Water retention can result in a larger ring size. Alcohol is another dietary factor that can increase the size of your finger by a half size! For the most accurate results of your ring measurement, wait a full day or two before measuring after binging on that (well-deserved) beer and fries!
  1. When in doubt, order up half a size!

Finding the right sized ring for your needs can be a difficult process, but at CJ Jewels International we will assist you in turning the ring of your dreams into a reality!