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How To Take The Perfect Fall Ring Selfie

As many people know, taking the PERFECT engagement ring selfie can take a lot of effort. Luckily for you, we are experts in the craft of capturing the perfect moment and we’re here to provide you with tips that will guarantee the perfect selfie once you have that gorgeous ring on your finger!

Break the Rules

 Winter whites after Labor Day is frowned upon in most cases, however, the color white truly emphasizes the color of your ring! The white provides a simple and elegant background that allows that true beauty of your ring to flourish. A nice ring selfie with a white coffee cup or white outfit can provide the perfect nonchalant backdrop to ensure that your selfie is one to impress.

A Personalized Mug

A personalized mug is always an excellent touch to any picture. Now consider that exact picture plus your beautiful new show-stopping ring! To take this picture to the next level, include your hands with a fresh new manicure. Now you can feature your custom mug, beautiful nails, and your incredibly unique ring in one selfie that will be showcased on your social media and on your wall for years to come.

 Mix Your Textures

A fuzzy faux vest is a perfect background to show off your brand new rock. When combined, the texture of the vest and the shimmer of the ring would provide a truly marvelous combination that would be sheer candy for the eyes. The colors of the ring would pop and draw in viewer’s eyes directly to it!


If you can combine all of these tips there is no doubt that you will have a ring selfie that all of your followers are jealous of. At CJ Jewels International, we strive to provide that ideal ring that make any selfie absolutely stunning.